Research Groups & Centers
  • DOLCIT (director) -- statistical decision theory, machine learning, and optimization
  • RSRG -- rigorous systems analysis and design
  • Computational Vision -- computer vision, perception, and behavior studies
  • CMI -- interdisciplinary center for studying the mathematical foundations of information and computation and their interplay with science and engineering.
  • CAST -- interdisciplinary center for studying autonomous systems.
PhD Programs
  • CMS -- Computing and Mathematical Sciences
  • CNS -- Computation and Neural Systems
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PhD Students & Postdocs
  • Romann Weber (joined Disney Research as Research Scientist)
  • Shihan Su
  • Akifumi Wachi
Undergraduates & Master's Students
  • Suraj Nair
  • Anshul Ramachandran
  • Shihan Su
  • Albert Zhao
  • Vincent Zhuang
  • Aman Agarwal (joined PhD program at Cornell)
  • Jagriti Agrawal (joined JPL)
  • Luciana Cendon (joined HRL Laboratories)
  • JD Co-Reyes (joined PhD program at Berkeley)
  • Avishek Dutta
  • Nick Haliday
  • Bryan He (joined PhD program at Stanford)
  • Andrew Kang
  • Joon Sik Kim (joined PhD program at CMU)
  • Danni Ma (joined PhD program at UPenn)
  • Ruoqi Shen
  • Vighnesh Shiv (joined Microsoft Research)
  • Kavya Sreedhar
  • Jiyun Ivy Xiao (joined PhD program at USC)
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